Spotted & Dotted Appaloosas

No matter what type of Appy you are looking for...we have the one for you!

                Welcome to our farm!!

We are a small scale family run operation that focuses on producing vividly colored Appaloosas with good temperaments, athletic ability and desirable conformation.

Our horses are sensible and friendly, with our babies being raised from birth with a lot of love, handling, and socialization.

We are taking modern bred lines and crossing them with the old tried and true foundation lines that have proven themselves time and time again in performance and endurance. 

We are located in Leesburg, Texas in Camp County, West off Hwy 271 then just off Hwy 11.

Feel free to browse our site using the menu bar  to the left. Be sure to contact us if you are interested in paying us a visit or in purchasing  the Appy you have longed for all this time!

Thanks for stopping by!



808-853-0318 for more info